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I'm Carrie, photographer and owner of this boutique photography business.

The photographer in me was born right around the same time as my first child. Babies seem to awaken that desire to document, to savor, to cherish. My family grew (and grew, and grew!), providing me endless opportunities to practice and hone my art. Not quite a year after my fourth child arrived, Carrie Rife Photography was also born.

I'm a full time mama to four children, one of whom is on the autism spectrum.  What does that mean for you? It means I'm comfortable in the chaos that comes with small children, even (especially?) those with special needs. I've learned how to earn their trust. I've mastered the skill of patiently waiting, waiting, waiting for the moment, and I have grace for the kiddos who need a little bit of extra time.

It also means that I only offer a handful of sessions each week. My calendar fills up quickly!

I believe that this moment - right now - deserves to be captured. It is precious, and it will never come again.

I believe that Mom belongs in the picture, and that she is beautiful (even if she thinks she needs to lose fifteen more pounds). 

I believe in the power of photographs to help us remember - that curl, the favorite lovey, those eyelashes, his little grin.

I believe in the beauty of imperfection, because it is who we are.

Some quick facts:

I shoot with a Canon 5D mk IV

exploring nature with kids is my favorite. Don't be surprised if I stop to point out a plant or fungus or insect. I can't help it!

my favorite lens is a Canon 85mm 1.4L

my Enneagram type is 1w2

natural light is my jam, but I am learning studio lighting

coffee. red wine. margaritas.

I'm a crunchy hippie granola mama. You want to talk essential oils and natural remedies and weird food? I'm in.

Jesus. Always Jesus.

my senior prom date eventually became my husband. at the time, I thought he wasn't my type. I was so wrong!

in my first career I was a high school English teacher, and I still think teenagers are awesome

About Me

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