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What 's in your camera bag? 
Camera gear, of course! My primary camera body is a Canon 5D mkIV, and my secondary camera is a Canon 6D mkI. My very favorite magical lens is a Canon 85mm 1.4L lens. I usually also have a Sigma ART 35mm and 50mm lens in my bag. And of course there's Old Faithful, my Canon 24-70 2.8L. 
Other things I keep in my camera bag? Tissues for the occasional drooly baby, Smarties to use as a bribe for squirrely children, and a few soft toys to grab the attention of little ones.

Do you have a studio?
Kind of! I am primarily a natural light, on-location photographer. This means I come to you, or we meet at a mutually agreeable location. I have an extensive list of location suggestions, depending on the kind of setting you are looking for.

But yes, I do have a very small studio in my home. It's perfect for headshots (yes, I do those!), individual portraits, babies, and up to three small children. 

Will you do photos at our family's property or other special location?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I love having the opportunity to photograph people at locations that are meaningful to them. It makes the pictures even more special! I will travel up to 30 miles from my home (63146 zip code) for no additional fee. Beyond that, I charge a mileage fee of .55 per mile, round trip.

Can you fix this zit/scrape/spill?

Absolutely. All of your final images will be hand-edited in Photoshop, where I can remove minor imperfections like a scrape on Baby's face, a stress zit, a stray hair or two, or that grass stain on your toddler's knee.

Things I don't do in Photoshop? I try my best not to remove anything permanent. Freckles, moles, and scars are part of who you are, so they stay. If you're ever afraid I'll accidentally remove a permanent mark, please let me know. I hate playing the "freckle or zit" game after the fact! I also won't make you look 20 pounds thinner. I do my best to guide my clients into flattering positions, but I believe that you are beautiful just the way you are. I will not Photoshop you to look significantly different.

Where should I print my pictures?

All of my packages include high-resolution digital images. You may also order prints directly through your gallery from my professional lab. This pro-only lab allows me to deliver high quality, heirloom grade prints to you, and it is my top suggestion because I can guarantee the results.
If you'd really rather handle the printing yourself, I suggest Mpix. Locally, Diversified Labs or Schiller's are great options for prints. Please, for the love of everything that you hold dear, do not print your photos at Walgreens or CVS, or even Sams or Costco. Their machines and their online ordering software make it really hard to get great prints. 

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